Samsung Radianz Is a smooth blend of quartz (composed of about 93% quartz) and polymers with consistent and uniform colour across the slab. Thanks to its consistency, a small colour sample is all you need to choose your colour and finish. There is no need to view a whole slab.

The blend of nature and technology gives Samsung Radianz quartz surfaces the look and feel of natural granite with the advantages of hygiene and durability. The quartz particles create a beautiful, natural looking surface. Samsung Radianz advantages are numberous:


HEAT RESISTANT- You should always use a hot pad or a trivet to protect the surface from heated cookware.

NONPOROUS - it doesn't require sealing or periodic polishing.

EASY ROUTINE CARE - You could simply wipe the top with warm water and a pH-neutral or non-abrasive cleaner, and rinse the top with clean water. For tough stains, please refer to the Radianz Care & Maintenance Guidelines.





  • Vanity tops with bowls
  • Lavatories and public washrooms
  • Wall surfaces / work surfaces
  • Table tops and serving / transaction counters
  • Reception areas / nurses' stations
  • Food service area and public spaces
  • Window sills